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During these challenging times, we realize there may be a need to seek new career opportunities and we want to help!  Brookline is extending a Stimulus Scholarship Opportunity that will allow qualifying students to receive up to 20% off tuition for certain programs. Those who have graduated with a diploma, associate, and bachelor degree from Brookline, or any accredited college or university, may be eligible to qualify for this opportunity. In addition to the stimulus scholarship, candidates may be eligible to transfer up to 31.5 credits hours into an associate level program, and up to 90 credit hours into a bachelor level program.*

Qualifying Criteria:

  • A candidate must hold a diploma, associate, or bachelor level degree at the time of enrollment.
    • The diploma or degree must be from an accredited college or university, showing graduation within the past five years and a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.
  • A candidate must enroll in a program at least one level up from their current credential.
    • Diploma grads must enroll in an AS or BS level program.
    • AS grads must enroll in a BS level program.
    • BS grads must enroll in a graduate level program.
  • A candidate must enroll full-time and maintain good academic standing.
  • A candidate must enroll prior to July, 1, 2020.
  • This scholarship is not currently available for nursing, physical therapy assistant, medical laboratory science, and surgical technology programs.

To learn more about the stimulus scholarship, program options, and the process of qualifying please contact us at 888-337-9003.

*Transfer of credit is determined by official transcript evaluation. Candidates must provide official transcripts to Brookline College.  While we make every effort to accept eligible credits in transfer, Brookline College cannot guarantee any or all prior credits will be accepted. 

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